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See It. Touch It. Take it Home.

See It. Touch It. Take it Home.

Tired of shopping online looking at 10’s of thousands of tiny images and options that all look the same? Black Whale Lighting invites you to See It, Touch It and Take It Home”. No more costly mistakes, broken items or return shipping charges. Black Whale Lighting stocks thousands of common and hard to find lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, outdoor lighting, portable lamps and accessories. They are available in many styles and finishes. And we stock many of the finishing touches such as down rods, bulbs and dimmers.

At Black Whale Lighting, you have the benefit of our knowledgeable and trained lighting professionals to help you make the correct choice. Our staff brings decades of lighting knowledge, design ideas, technical information, installation tips and purchasing power. So while most of us shop the internet because of convenience, it’s actually more productive to come into a full-service lighting showroom. It’s actually quite difficult to make critical decisions about color and scale- and next to impossible to judge light levels without actually seeing the quality of illumination. Ceiling height, room size, even paint color can have an effect on the final purchase decision.

We know that our customer has infinite choices on where to shop for their lighting needs. Everything we do at Black Whale Lighting is done with the goal that our customer has a successful purchasing experience and we provide you with complete satisfaction. We are a dedicated team of San Diego residents who take great pride in serving our neighbors and community.

The future in lighting never looked so bright.

Hablamos Espanol.

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